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“Phoenix” Mala Bracelets for Couple in Black Obsidian

“Phoenix” Mala Bracelets for Couple in Black Obsidian

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This black obsidian mala bracelet is composed of semi-precious natural stones with powerful therapeutic properties. Each bead measures 6 mm or 8 mm depending on your choice at the time of ordering. The length of the mala bracelet measures a total of 70 cm for the 6 mm beads and 75 cm for the 8 mm beads. It has been integrated a cylindrical pearl bearing a Phoenix in engraving as well as 2 very beautiful blue pearls.

The name mala means "meditation garland", so it is traditionally used by Buddhists, spirituals and other meditation adepts. However, in the West, it is very often worn simply as a jewel in a necklace or as a bracelet wrapped around the wrist.

This model of Black Obsidian mala bracelet is designed to suit both women and men. It will even be the perfect fashion accessory for romantics or couples who like to show their complicity.

As for the black obsidian, it is the protective stone par excellence which acts as a real shield to fight against negative energies, anxieties, depressive states. It surrounds the person who wears it with positive energies.

You will wear this black Obsidian mala bracelet with great elegance while ensuring the benefits of these superb stones. Click "Add to Cart" to get it now.

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