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“Muladhara” bracelets in natural Turquoise and Howlite

“Muladhara” bracelets in natural Turquoise and Howlite

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For these models of "Muladhara" bracelets in natural Turquoise and Howlite, the choice is given to you between a realization in Turquoise or Howlite only, or a mixture of the two stones. In any case, elegance will be truly at the rendezvous.

The assembly game to link the stones together and the addition of a medallion representing muladhara, the first chakra completes this jewel for a refinement that meets your expectations. These exceptionally rendered bracelets have been made entirely by hand and are available in two sizes to satisfy ladies, but also gentlemen who are not left out. Howlite facilitates self-control and puts distance between you and the anger of those around you. Placed under your pillow, it will reduce stress to allow you to spend calm and peaceful nights. In addition, it increases memory, promotes calm and improves inner peace.

As for Turquoise, it protects against harmful and disturbing environmental pollutants. It protects against electromagnetic energies and other negative disturbances.

It promotes personal development, fights shyness and improves the vision that one has of oneself by being more objective. It also promotes creativity by developing inventive expression. On the sentimental level, it is the stone of lovers par excellence, because it encourages romanticism in the couple.

All you have to do is choose your model among these "Muladhara" bracelets in natural Turquoise and Howlite by clicking now on "Add to basket".

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