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Guided Meditation

beaded bracelets

beaded bracelets

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This superb model of Beaded Bracelets is available in 10 colors to meet all your desires. They are made of 8mm glass beads with pavé inlays. The colors used are all linked to the chakras and are perfectly reminiscent of those of semi-precious natural stones, such as Turquoise, Carnelian, Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite or Amethyst.

In general, colors have an influence on our bodies and more particularly on our minds without us realizing it. However, it has been proven that they have a certain impact on our state of mind and are real stimulators on our nerve cells.

Some colors soothe us while others increase our vitality, boost our energy or amplify our nervousness, or even depress us. Colors trigger nerve cells on the retina of our eyes, which transmit signals to our brain based on perception.

The goal to improve your well-being is to surround yourself with colors that soothe you. This model of Beaded Bracelets offers 10 color tones to meet all your needs. Do not hesitate to stimulate your cells to promote your daily well-being by adopting one or more models of these Beaded Bracelets by clicking on "Add to cart" now.

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