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Guided Meditation

Mudra and Buddha necklace

Mudra and Buddha necklace

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This very pretty Mudra and Buddha Necklace is composed of an open hand, one of the many representations of the hand in meditation called "the Mudras" meaning "sign" in Sanskrit, in which is a Buddha's head in the hollow of the palm.

Buddha is a reference and a spiritual guide that everyone has heard of at least once. He is the symbol of benevolence, compassion, love of his neighbor, and altruism. He had an immense respect for life and spent his life transmitting and teaching the values associated with it, such as learning to live in harmony with others, but also with oneself, while appreciating every moment that is offered to us.

By wearing this symbol, it is as if you grant yourself the presence of this guide in your daily life so that it directs you on the path to inner peace, as well as on that of your well-being. Wearing a Buddha image is, for Buddhists and Tibetans, a positive gesture and a sacred act that honors the teachings of this spiritual master.

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