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Guided Meditation

Colorful Lucky Knot Buddhist Bracelet

Colorful Lucky Knot Buddhist Bracelet

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Do you like this type of colorful lucky knot Buddhist bracelet worn by many celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and you would like to acquire one that looks like you?

The colors of this attractive Colorful Lucky Knot Buddhist Bracelet have been carefully chosen to suit both women and men. Then, the whole thing was executed entirely by hand by Tibetan monks, fully respecting the traditional design method. The accomplishment of this task is done to the rhythm of the mantras recited by the monks and which immerse them in deep meditation. These prayers also make it possible to imbue each bracelet with powerful positive and spiritual energies in order to benefit its future purchaser to bring him happiness.

It is with their hearts that these Buddhist monks spend 30 to 50 minutes making this colorful Lucky Knot Buddhist Bracelet for you, putting all the precision of their know-how and all the love they have for others and their well-being.

Remember to wear this bracelet on the left wrist where the receiving channel of good energies is located. To take full advantage of the benefits of this very pretty Buddhist bracelet colored knot of luck, quickly click on "Add to basket".

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