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Blue Tiger's Eye Stone Beads and Buddhist Totem Bracelet

Blue Tiger's Eye Stone Beads and Buddhist Totem Bracelet

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This Blue Tiger's Eye Stone and Buddhist Totem Beads Bracelet is particularly superb with its blue reflections which give it great elegance.

This stone is also called Eagle's Eye or Hawk's Eye as well as Royal Tiger's Eye, but whatever name it is given its properties are the same as Brown Tiger's Eye.

Blue Tiger's Eye is an ultra-protective shield. It fights waves and negative energies without hindering positive energies. It helps to fight against all forms of fear, fear and anxiety. Its effectiveness will be beneficial for people with restless tendencies by bringing them more calm and soothing their emotions. It also balances yin and yang to maintain good concentration. On the physical aspect, this stone soothes pains such as headaches and migraines and fights against eye fatigue while improving the faculties of vision.

As for the intellectual and cerebral aspect, the blue tiger's eye helps open-mindedness while encouraging more tolerance towards others. This point is interesting especially for people with introverted tendencies, because they will open up to others in a less difficult and more positive way by acquiring a better serenity.

In any case, this Blue Tiger's Eye and Buddhist Totem Stone Beads Bracelet will be perfectly elegant on your wrist. Click "Add to Cart".

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