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Guided Meditation

Tibetan lucky coconut shell beads bracelet

Tibetan lucky coconut shell beads bracelet

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This elegant Tibetan lucky bracelet is made with 5 mm coconut shell beads carefully polished by hand. A Chinese silver charm engraved on both sides is attached to it and represents a Chinese acronym reputed to be a symbol of luck in Asia and another called the third eye of Buddha.

At the end is a bead used to close the bracelet engraved with "Om", a famous syllable taken from the mantra of great compassion and wisdom, the "Om Mani Padme Hum", well known and recited by Buddhists and his followers.

This magnificent Tibetan Lucky Bracelet can also serve as a meditation or prayer support for disciples or initiates who can easily pick out the beads one by one according to their mantras or prayers.

For others, this very beautiful Tibetan Lucky Bracelet is a particularly elegant piece of jewelry that will easily match all their daily outfits, but will go perfectly with their usual jewelry. To receive your beautiful bracelet as soon as possible, click on “Add to basket” now.

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