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Copper magnetic bracelet

Copper magnetic bracelet

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This magnetic copper bracelet is not only a jewel combining beauty and elegance with perfectly made patterns, it is also an accessory that is very useful for your body. It is equipped with 2 magnets, at the ends of the inner face, which participate in the elimination of certain pains on the principle of magnetotherapy. Like pain related to body aches, tendonitis, tension and other muscle pain. The magnets also act on blood circulation to improve it by allowing better oxygenation and better elimination of toxins. In addition, magnets help reduce anxiety, stress and anxiety.

Regarding copper, its properties on our body are widely recognized. It positively and effectively stimulates the immune system and has anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-virus properties. It also works by soothing the pain emanating from arthritis, osteoarthritis and joint pain in general.

This association between magnets and copper is therefore perfectly complementary for our well-being. This superb Copper Magnetic Bracelet, as useful as it is beautiful, will easily fit most wrists. Click on "Add to cart" now to receive yours as soon as possible.

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