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Dangling earrings in faceted red Jasper

Dangling earrings in faceted red Jasper

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These superb dangling earrings in faceted red jasper, approximately 6 cm in length, are in themselves a hymn to elegance that will perfectly highlight the way you wear your head in general and your face in particular.

The red Jasper comes to stimulate in the event of action by facilitating the taking of initiative while coming to reinforce the energy. It is a stone of will and strength, so it supports the energies with which it is endowed, and develops courage, in difficult times. It balances physically as well as mentally and emotionally.

Red Jasper also brings the balance between yin and yang and develops the combative side, especially in the realization of objectives or planned projects. On a physical level, it warms and invigorates while being a real stimulant for blood circulation.

Handcrafted with superb quality stones, these Faceted Red Jasper Dangle Earrings will complement all your everyday outfits beautifully. Treat yourself to an extra touch of beauty to perfect your look or style by clicking "Add to Cart" to receive your beautiful earrings.

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