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“Vitality and Intuition” drop earrings in Opal

“Vitality and Intuition” drop earrings in Opal

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 This superb pair of "Vitality and Intuition" drop earrings in semi-precious Opal is handmade by seasoned craftsmen from high quality fine stones. This inseparable accessory for women will be a gift that will not fail to please the one for whom it is intended.

The 4.5 cm length of these earrings, including 2.5 cm x 1 cm for the stone, is an ideal size to adorn your ears without getting in the way when you wear them. The milky white color of the Opal stone allows it to be associated with any outfit without ever denoting while being very elegant.

Opal is a soothing stone that brings calm. It promotes meditation, improves thinking and helps develop intuition. It is also a stone that improves couple relationships by promoting feelings, tenderness and love. It also improves vitality in periods of fatigue.

This superb pair of “Vitality and Intuition” drop earrings in Opal is definitely made for you! Quickly click on “Add to cart” to take advantage of this jewel and the benefits of this stone which will improve your daily life while being truly elegant.

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