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Dangling earrings in faceted red Jasper

Dangling earrings in faceted red Jasper

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This very beautiful pair of dangling earrings in faceted red Jasper, approximately 3 cm long, is entirely handmade, from the faceting of the stone to its mounting on its very beautiful silver-plated brass support. They will be truly elegant on your ears to emphasize the carriage of your head, which they will frame wonderfully.

Red Jasper works to balance yin and yang, promote decision-making by encouraging you to be combative when an action requires stimulation or when you want to achieve certain goals in each of your projects. It acts on the physical level as well as on the mental and emotional levels. Stone of strength and will, by its undeniable properties, it comes to strengthen the energy to improve your vigor, but also amplifies the courage in case of difficulties. On a physical level, Red Jasper is very interesting, as it stimulates blood circulation, also invigorates and warms.

Your pair of Faceted Red Jasper Dangling Earrings is waiting for you! It is up to you to wear it as soon as possible and will be yours as soon as you click on "Add to basket" to receive it.

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