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Dangling faceted trapezium earrings in green Jasper

Dangling faceted trapezium earrings in green Jasper

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These charming dangling faceted trapezium earrings in green Jasper particularly combining audacity and elegance are made entirely by hand. They are mounted on a hook-shaped support that is easy to position and remove. The total size of the loop is approximately 4.5 cm.

Green Jasper is a so-called anchor stone, especially to the earth, favoring the perception that one can have of reality, that is to say discernment. But it is also a stone of balance and harmony. By wearing it, the inner development is favored and therefore generates benefits on the emotions that it balances and the self-esteem that it reinforces. Jasper allows you to refocus when necessary. It fights against negative energies and provides stability to those who carry it. On a physical level, Green Jasper helps digestion by protecting the organs linked to it from acidity and other food attacks. It also promotes the liver, kidneys and spleen by promoting their drainage.

Whether you just like their color or their shape, these magnificent faceted trapezium dangling earrings in green Jasper will give you charm and well-being on a daily basis. Let yourself be lulled by the undeniable benefits of both their beauty and their beneficial properties by clicking as soon as possible on "Add to cart".

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