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Obsidian Elephants Pendant Necklace

Obsidian Elephants Pendant Necklace

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This obsidian elephant pendant necklace and its little baby elephant is beautifully carved. The pendant hangs from a beaded cord of obsidian stones and is designed to be adjustable to any desired length ranging from 32.5cm to 42cm.

For the Asians, the elephant would be the god of wisdom, not afraid of obstacles and endowed with an immense memory. It is attributed a sacred character, because it would bring good luck and prosperity to anyone who has one.

The elephant is a benevolent, intelligent animal, but also particularly cautious. Also in Asian culture, this animal is synonymous with great physical, mental and spiritual strength. In addition to Asian culture, he is also revered in many sculptures, including among Buddhists who admire him for his strength of virtues and his immense wisdom.

As for obsidian, it is the most powerful, the most effective and above all the most complete protective stone. On its own, it is a real shield against harmful energies and negative waves. It fights against emotional and/or psychological blockages by clarifying thoughts and dispelling their dark aspect. Additionally, obsidian helps dispel nightmares to improve sleep, when placed near the bed.

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