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Wooden flower of life - different models diameter 14cm

Wooden flower of life - different models diameter 14cm

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This superb wooden Flower of Life is a circle of energy entirely handmade, except for the cutting which is done by laser, but always with perfect care to offer you an object as beautiful and useful as it is decorative in terms of ornament. geometric. It will find its place in your interior and will be indispensable in your daily life.

The representation of the Flower of Life is for Buddhists a powerful symbol of energies. It is also particularly sacred, because it embodies longevity, rebirth, fertility or even prosperity and purity. In addition to Buddhism, the Flower of Life has always been widely represented in many cultures. The Egyptians, as well as the Japanese, Greeks and Tibetans, have absolute confidence in it for its positive effects.

Its 5 mm thick format with a diameter of 14 cm is perfectly suited to your needs. Whether you use it as a coaster or prefer to use it as a wall decoration, you will be delighted with it.

Maintain spiritual harmony in your home on a daily basis with your wooden Flower of Life. Click on “Add to cart” and receive the one of your choice as quickly as possible.

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