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Green Onyx Tree of Life Bracelet

Green Onyx Tree of Life Bracelet

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This beautiful 19 cm Green Onyx Tree of Life Bracelet is designed with carefully polished 8 mm semi-precious natural stone beads. It is embellished with a "Tree of Life" charm, a sacred symbol in many cultures. It is considered the link between heaven and earth. The earth for the roots deeply anchored in the ground and the sky for the branches that rise towards it.

The Tree of Life represents life first, then longevity and strength. It also represents rebirth through the coming of green foliage after each winter. He defies nature and the cycles of time by always remaining upright.

Green Onyx is a support stone that helps through hardship. It stabilizes emotions and combats low morale while helping to refocus. Green Onyx is also, like all green stones, linked to the heart chakra and to healing.

This stone with superb reflections will inevitably be your daily ally and associated with the Tree of Life, it will strengthen your inner strength by stabilizing your vital energy, especially mental and emotional energies.

Make this magnificent Green Onyx Tree of Life Bracelet your daily companion, no one will imagine the good it will do you every moment. Do not miss it and quickly click on "Add to cart" to receive it quickly.

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