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Hex Fluorite Healing Wand

Hex Fluorite Healing Wand

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This Hexagonal Fluorite Healing Wand is a collection of beautiful colors, but besides being beautiful it also has a very useful interest in terms of healing, even healing.

It is particularly used by therapists and by people with knowledge of the chakras and how they work. These people use it to bring a rebalancing of the chakras, which are none other than the vital centers present in the body of every human being. They manage to recreate inner harmony to restore well-being to the person whose chakras are out of balance.

This fluorite, also called fluorite, rainbow helps dissipate emotional blockages by highlighting what is repressed. It helps to fight stress by making it possible to put situations or events that arise in perspective in order to apprehend them more positively. It also helps to adapt and act more calmly in the face of situations and other hazards beyond our control. It clears the mind to allow the mind to act without panic.

Apart from healing related to lithotherapy, this Hexagonal Fluorite Healing Wand will be a beneficial decorative item in your home. Improve your well-being by ordering your wand now by clicking on "Add to cart" to receive it.

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