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20 backflow incense cones

20 backflow incense cones

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The use of incense has several positive interests in our daily life. It is primarily suitable for purifying the air in our interior, which improves our well-being. It has been used since the dawn of time by different cults or certain religions as well as in different spiritual practices, but it is also considered a benefactor during therapeutic practices in aromatherapy for the benefits it transmits by removing stress and negativity. that we accumulate on a daily basis. Thus allowing to relax by feeling a relief each time they are consumed.

They participate, in addition to the appeasement they provide, to ward off insomnia, to soothe your stress, but also your anxiety and to calm irritability and depression in order to find a more serene balance. This set of 20 backflow incense cones with different scents can be used with our charming incense burners designed to allow you to enjoy a pleasant cascading effect that you will discover in our decoration section. You can use them for any occasion and any place, at home, in the office or even during your romantic evenings.

Take advantage now of the benefits of these 20 backflow incense cones by clicking on "add to basket" to purify your interior and find peace and serenity.

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