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Natural Jasper Leaf Pendant Necklace

Natural Jasper Leaf Pendant Necklace

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This superb genuine natural Jasper leaf pendant necklace will look great around your neck and will enhance your décolleté. It is mounted on a nicely arranged leather cord. Each end of the cord is finished with a Jasper bead.

Jasper is a semi-precious stone called an anchor stone with many beneficial properties. First of all, it brings balance both intellectually and emotionally, but also physically. It is essential for clearing energy blockages while stabilizing energies. Jasper is also a stone that acts gently by bringing calm and appeasement, including with regard to stress and anxieties.

It brings the harmonization between Yin and Yang, promotes self-confidence and gives courage in difficult situations to help better understand them. On the other hand, it improves oral expression and communication, fights against emotional trauma and anger. And since it is a soothing stone, it dispels inner tensions and provides a sense of security.

By adopting this very beautiful natural Jasper leaf pendant necklace, you grant yourself the important benefits of the benefits of this superb stone. Click quickly on "Add to cart" to receive your necklace as soon as possible.

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