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Guided Meditation

Healing Blue Kyanite Ring

Healing Blue Kyanite Ring

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Experience the breathtaking beauty of the Blue Kyanite Ring, featuring a mesmerizing oval stone elegantly bezel set. This exquisite piece will effortlessly enhance the elegance of your hand.

While Kyanite may be lesser known and rare, it is a semi-precious stone that possesses numerous virtues. With its powerful energy, it has the ability to soothe and balance, particularly during times of trauma and spiritual turmoil caused by negative energies. It works wonders in alleviating persistent anxieties rooted in past fears. Additionally, it serves as a shield against stress and negative environmental energies. Its calming properties aid in finding solutions to difficulties, fostering self-confidence and self-perception. Moreover, it safeguards sleep, ensuring true restoration. Its soothing nature makes it an excellent companion during meditation. Kyanite also exhibits effectiveness in harmonizing the third eye, throat, and heart chakras.

On a physical level, this exceptional stone has the capacity to balance and purify the body. It effectively alleviates bone pain, regulates blood circulation, and stimulates cell reproduction for accelerated healing, particularly in cases of fractures.

This stunning Blue Kyanite Ring effortlessly complements any outfit, effortlessly blending with your everyday attire. Don't miss the chance to add this exceptional piece to your collection; simply click "Add to Cart" to secure yours now.

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Size 5=Finger circumference: 50mm
Size 6=Finger circumference: 52mm
Size 7=Finger circumference: 55mm
Size 8=Finger circumference: 57mm
Size 9=Finger circumference: 60mm
Size 10=Finger circumference: 62mm
Size 11=Finger circumference: 64mm
Size 12=Finger circumference: 66mm

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