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Healing Natural Labrador Stone Antique Style Ring

Healing Natural Labrador Stone Antique Style Ring

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This Antique Style Natural Labradorite Ring is very beautiful and will look great on your hand. Its stone is bezel set. The carvings on the perimeter offer an elegant style.

Thanks to Labradorite which happens to be one of the best stones of protection among all the known gems, the person who wears it will see his well-being improved, because it is a reassuring stone on one side and regenerative of the soul. other. In case of necessity, Labradorite soothes anxieties, anxiety and relieves against the feeling of insecurity.

From another point of view, it is a helping stone because it offers its assistance to fight against fatigue, whether physical or emotional. It improves your mental acuity, but also intellectual.

In case of injury to the aura, it is tranquilizing to restore relief and well-being to the mind as well as to the body in general, allowing you to live better in everyday life. Its other strong point is that it absorbs negative energies which it will then dissolve so that they do not reach you and protect you from them.

This Antique Style Natural Labradorite Ring is available in five sizes to suit everyone. And to get it as soon as possible, click on "Add to cart" now.

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Size 6=Finger circumference=52mm
Size 7=Finger circumference=54mm
Size 8=Finger circumference=57mm
Size 9=Finger circumference=59mm
Size 10=Finger circumference=62mm

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