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Natural Labradorite dowsing pendulum

Natural Labradorite dowsing pendulum

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This natural Labradorite dowsing pendulum is superbly crafted. The stone is faceted then polished and embedded to fit perfectly into its beautiful support. And to satisfy all desires, the support comes in a choice of antique bronze plated, silver plated or gold color.

The natural Labradorite dowsing pendulum is particularly used by adepts, but it is also suitable for all beginners who wish to learn about dowsing. By keeping it with you on a daily basis, it will take care of your vibrations to better meet your needs during use.

Apart from dowsing, you can simply keep your natural Labradorite dowsing pendulum with you to take full advantage of all the benefits of this extremely protective stone. Because, it acts as a natural shield by absorbing bad energies to dissolve them before they reach you. It also has a regenerating effect by combating your physical and intellectual fatigue and is a true regulator of your vital inner force.

Think about your protection and your well-being by adopting your natural Labradorite dowsing pendulum now. Click "Add to Cart" to get it ASAP.

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