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Genuine Labradorite “Therapist” Necklace and Pendant

Genuine Labradorite “Therapist” Necklace and Pendant

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This stunning Genuine Labradorite "Therapist" Necklace and Pendant is made with a 10.5mm stone and mounted on a 925 silver backing. The chain is 40.5cm and is completed with an extension chain of 5 cm as well as a carabiner clasp for a perfect fit to your neck.

Labradorite is an excellent stone whose reputation places it among the best. Its great particularity is to absorb bad energies before they disturb you and then dissolve them. It acts as a shield against the evils of the environment. It is also a regenerative stone whose properties intervene to fight fatigue, both intellectual and physical. Moreover, it is also a reassuring stone that soothes the wounds of the aura to rebalance the vital force of the person who wears it.

When Labradorite cracks or loses its color, or even becomes dull or transparent, it means that it has used all its properties and it is time to renew it, because it no longer has any protective or beneficial effect, even if it is still very beautiful. Take advantage of this beautiful Genuine Labradorite "Therapist" Necklace and Pendant and these benefits to protect yourself on a daily basis by clicking "Add to Cart" now.

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