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Himalayan salt lamp

Himalayan salt lamp

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This superb Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp available in 3 versions will be perfect for interior decoration for an appreciable cocoon effect, whatever place or room you allocate to it. However, the recommendation for use is to place the Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp near electromagnetic sources to allow it to absorb negative waves. In any case, the delicate diffusion of light it produces will charm your loved ones and delight you. It is also perfect for tender and romantic moments.

The particularity of Himalayan Salt lies in the ionizing effects that inhibit the ambient air of the pollutants it contains by purifying the atmosphere and absorbing humidity. The ambient air is loaded with positive ions, but also with negative ions, allowing them a good balance is therefore vital for our well-being so as not to feel any inconvenience. This salt provides proven benefits on health and largely proven by research, in this case in the case of allergies or asthma.

By purchasing this magnificent natural Himalayan Salt Lamp, you will enhance your interior with a very decorative object that will only be beneficial in your daily life. Click "Add to Cart" to receive it very soon.

Features :

Cord length: 1.5m
Weight: 1-2kg or 2-3kg or 3-5kg
Connection: 220V socket
Delivery time 30 days on this lamp

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