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Guided Meditation

Conical lapis lazuli pendulum

Conical lapis lazuli pendulum

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The pendulum is essential for some, because it is an amplifier that picks up waves and vibrations from the environment, knowing that everything in the world emits negative or positive waves. Traditionally, the pendulum is an accessory used by practitioners of divinatory arts as well as by dowsers. However, it is finding more and more followers who want to learn how to use it.

We offer several models so that you can find the conical lapis lazuli pendulum that corresponds precisely to your expectations. These models measure 6.43 cm by 1.7 cm for the pendulum pendant and 23.80 cm for the chain. This pendulum is composed of and a copper spiral inside.

Choose from these 2 models, the conical lapis lazuli pendulum that suits you and that will follow you every day and at any time. Click now on "Add to cart" to receive it quickly.

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