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Guided Meditation

Natural Lapis Lazuli Stone Bracelet

Natural Lapis Lazuli Stone Bracelet

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This magnificent Lapis Lazuli Natural Stone Bracelet is of exceptional elegance. It is made entirely by hand from 8 mm beads and assembled on a high quality braided cord support. It will suit both men and women.

This semi-precious stone has been sacred to many cultures for millennia and religions, such as Buddhism. Lapis Lazuli remains timeless and never goes out of style.

This powerful stone helps improve well-being, promote inner peace while highlighting your personality and style to make you stand out. It will help improve self-esteem, mood and soothe your mind. As it is endowed with many stones, it will be perfect in your meditation sessions by helping you to concentrate. The stone is also known to fight against negative energies. And in its ability to act, it soothes pains such as headaches while providing good stimulation to the mind.

Equip yourself with this superb Lapis Lazuli Natural Stone Bracelet available in two versions to suit all tastes by clicking now on "Add to basket".

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