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Lapis Lazuli Teardrop Earrings

Lapis Lazuli Teardrop Earrings

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Pierre :
These charming Lapis Lazuli drop earrings on hook-like support are made in a style that never goes out of style, thus finding their place in all elegance in the heart of all fashions, whatever the generations.

As for the Lapis Lazuli stone selected for its great qualities, it has many properties that are all beneficial for the person who wears it. Thus, Lapis Lazuli relieves many pains such as inflammatory pain, cramps or headaches. But, it also fights nerve pain. It is soothing in case of cough and sore throat, promotes blood circulation and improves vitality and tone.

On the mental level, it is a stimulating stone for the spirit that it clears up in order to develop lucidity, intuition, imagination. It gets rid of blockages, even when they are emotional, and dispels fears, anxieties and various fears.

The deep color of this exceptional stone gives an absolute charm to these Lapis Lazuli drop earrings in addition to the multiple properties that will contribute to your daily well-being. Click "Add to Cart" now to receive yours.

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