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Guided Meditation

Wooden "Om" Luck Bracelet

Wooden "Om" Luck Bracelet

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This very beautiful Wooden "Om" Luck Bracelet is made of 8 mm wooden beads combined with beautifully shaped carved intermediate flat beads. It is also embellished with a very pretty pendant containing the symbol “Om”.

The “Om” comes from Sanskrit. It is taken directly from the most famous and recognized of the mantras called the “Om Mani Padme Hum”. It is the most recited mantra in the world by Buddhists and practitioners of meditation. The "Om" would be the vibratory sound at the origin of the world and of all that is or exists.

By wearing this very beautiful "Om" wooden lucky bracelet, you will have on you the sound which offers appeasement when it is recited and which dissipates stress. It will offer you the necessary and vital well-being in your daily life.

Whether you are spiritual or simply looking for a beautiful piece of Zen jewelry, this wooden "Om" lucky bracelet will fulfill its role to perfection to fill you with well-being and inner peace. Click "Add to Cart" to get yours now!

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