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Guided Meditation

Lucky Knot Buddhist Bracelet

Lucky Knot Buddhist Bracelet

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This Lucky Knot Buddhist Bracelet is entirely handmade by Tibetan monks according to an ancestral Buddhist tradition. It is through this immutable process that the monks begin the manufacturing process between meditation, concentration and recitation of mantras.

The goal of the process is to infuse each bracelet with powerful positive and spiritual energies as a gift to all people who will wear these bracelets to protect them.

For each bracelet, it takes 30 to 50 minutes of patience and meditation to achieve complete realization, and during this time the monks recite their mantras indefinitely.

Moreover, as these monks only want you well, they recommend that you wear this Lucky Knot Buddhist Bracelet on your left arm, because it is precisely on this side that the receiving channel of good energies is located. This will allow you to take advantage of these good energies that the monks offer you through this lucky charm jewel.

Your Lucky Knot Buddhist Bracelet will coordinate wonderfully with all your outfits to provide you with essential well-being on a daily basis. Click now on "Add to basket" to benefit, you too, from good energies

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