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Copper Healing Magnetic Bracelet

Copper Healing Magnetic Bracelet

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This magnificent magnetic healing bracelet in copper is made in a clean line combining sobriety and charm in order to associate without false note with all the outfits.

This type of magnetic bracelet is essential to naturally benefit from the properties with which it is endowed. For millennia, copper has been used for its therapeutic anti-inflammatory properties which fight against certain pains, in particular joint and muscle pain as well as those due to rheumatism. Additionally, copper is known to positively boost your inner energy.

This 10mm wide Copper Healing Magnetic Bracelet has 3 inner magnets on each end. It is perfectly adjustable to the size of any wrist. Its elegant line allows this jewel to suit both women and men while acting for the well-being of the person who wears it.

This high quality Copper Healing Magnetic Bracelet will be a very beautiful piece of jewelry on your wrist that can easily be matched with other bracelets, including copper ones as well. Don't hesitate to do yourself good by relieving your pain, or preventing it, with this superb bracelet by clicking on "Add to basket" now to receive it as soon as possible.

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