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Buddhist mala of the 7 chakras in natural stones

Buddhist mala of the 7 chakras in natural stones

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This very beautiful Buddhist Mala of the 7 chakras in natural stones is composed of 108 6 mm beads and a Tree of Life pendant representing the beginning and the end of the recitations of the mantras after having chipped the stones one by one, for the followers of spirituality.

The natural stones in Tiger's Eye, Lapis Lazuli, Rhodonite, Green Aventurine, Amethyst, Red Jasper and Citrine form a superb mix of colors and have been chosen for the qualities of their beneficial properties, but also for their visual quality.

The mala is traditionally a support for meditation and prayer in certain cultures, such as Buddhism. It is also widely used in meditation in the practice of yoga. For Buddhists, 108 symbolizes the number of Buddha names, and for yogis, it represents the number of postures in the discipline.

In the West, the mala has entered into habits, even fashion, as a real jewel in its own right which is worn as a necklace or a bracelet wrapped around the wrist, preferably the left, because it is the receiving side of the good energies. .

Worn as jewelry or intended to be your meditation support, this superb Buddhist Mala of the 7 chakras in colored natural stones will only bring you benefits. Take advantage of it quickly by clicking on "Add to basket" to receive yours.

Features :

Length: 69cm
Bead diameter: 6mm
Diameter of the tree of life: 14mm

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