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Mala in marbled red Regalite beads

Mala in marbled red Regalite beads

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This Mala made of marbled red Regalite beads is composed of 108 traditional beads referring to the many names attributed to Buddha. It also bears the symbol "Om", one of the 6 syllables of the famous mantra of wisdom and great compassion.

The marbled red Regalite is absolutely elegant. But, it is also a stone that acts gently both on the people who wear them and on their environment. This stone purifies the energies while increasing the vibratory rate, which is particularly beneficial. These benefits also improve general harmony in order to promote your well-being while providing the relief you need on a daily basis.

Red is usually associated with the Root Chakra, so this Marbled Red Regalite Bead Mala will promote your life energy by developing your courage and vitality.

Whether you wear it as a simple jewel in a necklace or as a bracelet wrapped around the wrist, preferably the left where the channel receiving good energies is located, it will look great with most of the outfits you associate with it. To get it as soon as possible, click on “Add to cart” now.

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