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"Resistance and Protection" Mala in black Onyx and Tiger's Eye

"Resistance and Protection" Mala in black Onyx and Tiger's Eye

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This "Resistance and Protection" Mala in Onyx and Tiger's Eye is a superb creation that combines the deep black of Onyx and the magnificent reflections of Tiger's Eye. It is made up of 108 traditional 8 mm beads symbolizing the 108 names of Buddha in Buddhist culture and the 108 postures of yoga for yogis. But, it is also a very beautiful jewel worn around the neck or as a bracelet wrapped around the wrist.

Black Onyx is a powerful stone that helps to strengthen your resistance while improving your nervous functions, it helps to acquire better stress management, to manage difficulties by apprehending them better and strengthens confidence and mastery of self.

Tiger's Eye is known to be a real shield fighting against negative energies while preserving positive waves and energies. It is one of the most protective stones which makes its high reputation, in this case in the world of lithotherapy. It calms anxieties, promotes concentration and brings the necessary balance between Yin and Yang. These two associated stones provide a powerful bulwark to protect against negative energies.

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