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Guided Meditation

Mala in speckled pearls and its charm

Mala in speckled pearls and its charm

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Like the Dalmatian Jasper, this Mala in speckled pearls and its charm is superb and all in originality. Whatever role you give it, it will fill it wonderfully. In turn, it will become a necklace to magnify your neckline or a bracelet wrapped around the wrist. By its colors, it will be sober and elegant.

For followers of spirituality, yogis, Buddhists or meditation enthusiasts, this Mala in speckled beads and its charm will be a medium of choice that will improve their concentration for a better connection during their moment of meditation. As this mala can simply be worn as jewelry, you will be sure to always have it with you or on you. Your prayers or your mantras will flow from bead to bead without ever losing the thread until they go completely around the mala.

The adjoining charm is the starting and ending point of your mala. Choose the symbol that represents you the most and the bronze or silver version you prefer to personalize it to your image. This superb Mala in speckled pearls and its charm is a jewel that you will enjoy wearing. Click "Add to Cart" to order it now.

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