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Mala "Healing of Love" in natural Apatite

Mala "Healing of Love" in natural Apatite

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The depth of color of this "Love Healing" Mala in natural Apatite will undoubtedly delight you. It will coordinate very well with many outfits whether you wear it as a necklace with its approximately 90 cm length or as a bracelet wrapped around the wrist.

It is composed of 8 mm beads and completed with a medallion of your choice with the effigy of Buddha for wisdom and compassion, a Lotus Flower for devotion, purity and rebirth or the symbol "Om". , a sacred syllable taken from Sanskrit and representing the original sound.

As for Apatite, it is linked to the heart chakra, although it has an action on the other chakras. It therefore acts on it in case of grief and pain related to love by soothing the emotions that derive from it. It would be protective for the throat during hoarseness and would improve speech and verbal expression in general. It promotes active listening by stimulating hearing. It also amplifies the beneficial potential of other stones worn at the same time.

This "Love Healing" Mala in natural Apatite will make a wonderful piece of jewelery to wear on a daily basis. To receive it now, click on “Add to basket”.

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