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Guided Meditation

Mala necklace and natural stone bracelet set

Mala necklace and natural stone bracelet set

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This Natural Stone Mala Necklace and Bracelet Set can be ordered either as a set or as a bracelet and mala individually. It is made up of many 8 mm tumbled stones with beneficial properties, including a 10 mm garnet at the mouth of the glans. The mala ends with a delicately made silky tassel. This set is completely handmade to provide you with high quality jewelry. On the bracelet the beads have been assembled on a high quality stretchable support for perfect durability.

The stones are Amethyst, Garnet, Chrysocola Azurite, Black Onyx, Blue Chalcedony and Smoky Quartz and nicely combined in a very nice color scheme.

The mala necklace will be an excellent meditation support on which you can scatter the beads to the rhythm of your recitations. But, it will also be a superb jewel worn as a necklace or wrapped around the wrist. There is no better way to always have it close to you. By clicking on “Add to cart” this Mala Necklace and Natural Stone Bracelet Set will be yours.

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