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Guided Meditation

Mala 108 "self-control" in multi-color Onyx beads with charm

Mala 108 "self-control" in multi-color Onyx beads with charm

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The beads of this magnificent Mala 108 "self-control" in multi-colored Onyx beads with charm have been selected for their different shades of colors and assembled in a perfect match to offer you a very beautiful jewel. The mala that we use in the West, often in the form of a jewel in a necklace or a bracelet wrapped around the wrist, is originally a support for meditation among Buddhists who use it as a kind of rosary by reciting the beads to the rhythm recitation of their mantras. It is also a meditation medium of choice for yogis, the name given to yoga followers.

This mala has the traditional 108 beads referring to the 108 names of Buddha for Buddhists and the 108 postures of yoga for yogis.

In general, Onyx is a particularly protective and beneficial semi-precious stone which participates in the purification of the aura. It improves self-control, self-esteem and self-confidence. It helps people who lack consistency to regain some stability. It also helps during meditation sessions by acting as a real catalyst.

This superb Mala 108 "self-control" in multi-colored Onyx beads with a charm of your choice will embellish your neckline with beautiful elegance. And if you meditate, it will be the ideal support that you will always have with you. Quickly click on "Add to cart" to receive yours quickly.

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