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Guided Meditation

Mala "protection against negative energies" in Tiger's Eye

Mala "protection against negative energies" in Tiger's Eye

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This "protection against negative energies" Mala in Tiger's Eye is made up of 108 traditional beads, representing the 108 postures of yoga for yogis and the 108 names of Buddha for Buddhists. In addition to its usefulness which makes it a medium of choice in meditation to count the repetitions of recited mantras, it is a very good protector thanks to the stones that compose it.

Tiger's Eye is a protective stone that helps balance the Ying and Yang present in each of us. It keeps negative energies and waves at bay while balancing our inner energies to preserve us. Tiger's eye promotes intuition, develops courage, soothes and calms to dispel fears as well as worries, depression and all forms of agitation or anxiety. It offers an improvement in concentration and allows the elevation of consciousness as well as the development of the mind. It is therefore a stone perfectly suited to the use of a mala.

This "protection against negative energies" Tiger's Eye Mala is made of real semi-precious stones, it measures 60 cm. It will perfectly meet your expectations. Click now on "Add to cart" to receive your mala as soon as possible.

Features :
Length: 60 cm to wrap around the wrist (elastic)
Metals: Zinc alloy - bronze color
Semi-precious stones: Tiger's Eye

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