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Tibetan Mala in Rudraksha seeds of 108 beads

Tibetan Mala in Rudraksha seeds of 108 beads

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As is the Buddhist tradition, this Tibetan Rudraksha Seed Mala of 108 beads and its bracelet are made from natural seeds. Shiva, the Hindu god, whose name means "the one who brings good luck" is always represented with a mala made of Rudraksha seeds. The Dalai Lama also wears Rudraksha seeds quite regularly.

These seeds are sacred for this people who grant them a particular interest by never tearing them from the tree, the "Elaeocarpus Angustifolius" on which they evolve, but by harvesting them only when they fall naturally to the ground. These people see in them luck and prosperity, they would considerably reduce stress, improve concentration and be effective in stabilizing blood pressure.

They would also be protective of the general health of the person wearing them and would keep negative energies at bay. By placing this mala under the pillow or simply in the bedroom, it would promote sleep by fighting against insomnia.

This Tibetan Mala in Rudraksha seeds of 108 beads and its bracelet will have a perfect longevity due to the hardness and solidity of the seeds. Wear this beautiful jewel every day while enjoying its beneficial effects by clicking on "Add to cart" and receive it as soon as possible.

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