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Natural Malachite Teardrop Pendant Necklace

Natural Malachite Teardrop Pendant Necklace

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Your neckline will be perfectly highlighted with this very pretty natural Malachite drop-shaped pendant necklace. The superb colors of Malachite are a real eye-catcher.

The central stone of the pendant is completed with a wooden bead and small black beads. The set, entirely made by hand, is mounted on a brown braided cord and tied according to the tradition of Buddhist culture. The cord is closed by a sliding knot to allow you to adjust it ideally to the length you want, either positioned in the center of the neckline, or rather close to the neck.

As for Malachite, it is said to be a stone of endurance, but also of resistance whose properties are multiple, starting with its ability to absorb negative energies while developing positive energies. It was already used by the Egyptians who would have been the first users and who associated it with the hippopotamus goddess, Thouéris, considered then to be a true protector of motherhood. As for the Greeks, they used Malachite to protect themselves from injury.

On the mental level, it promotes the development of the imagination as well as concentration during meditation sessions. It amplifies self-assurance, increases persuasiveness. It fights anxieties and fears, improves discernment and compassion in order to be more serene and fulfilled. Malachite also helps to find harmony in relationships with others, including in the family or close circle.

On a physical level, this stone is a real support, because it helps to fight against certain pathologies, such as asthma and epilepsy, inflammations linked to arthritis and osteoarthritis, rheumatism and other inflammations. But, it also fights against various pains, both joint and muscular or nervous. In addition, it helps with insomnia attacks. In addition, it would have antioxidant and detoxifying properties.

On a more intimate level, Malachite promotes sentimental relationships and combats sexual complications. On the spiritual level, this stone brings its actions on the chakra of the heart mainly, but it also helps the other chakras to open and encourages the feelings to be revealed.

This superb natural Malachite water drop pendant necklace will be the ideal jewel to protect you and accompany you by providing you with the peace, security and serenity you seek on a daily basis. Click now on "Add to cart" to receive it as soon as possible.

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