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Multi-row protection bracelet

Multi-row protection bracelet

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This very beautiful 51 cm multi-row protection bracelet is a superb assembly of Tiger's Eye, Black Onyx and copper beads mounted on a leather cord or an adjustable waxed cord. This magnificent jewel has been made in an absolutely charming bohemian style with high quality natural pearls.

- Tiger's Eye is known to be a powerful protective shield against negative energies that it repels while retaining positive energies. This stone improves concentration, balances Yin and Yang and soothes fears and anxieties.

- Black Onyx is also a powerful protective stone that helps improve nerve functions by strengthening resistance. This stone is a precious help to achieve better stress management, to better understand the difficulties related to events and strengthens self-control as well as the confidence that one has in oneself.

- Copper is known for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious therapeutic properties. It is also a powerful stimulant acting for the good of the immune system. It soothes certain pains related to arthritis and osteoarthritis.
This assembly of stones and pearls is therefore judicious and makes it possible to act on different points and at different levels while providing a very beautiful jewel. Adopt this multi-row protection bracelet to surround yourself with all these benefits by clicking on "Add to cart" now.

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