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Irregular Natural Stone Pendant Necklace

Irregular Natural Stone Pendant Necklace

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This beautiful irregular natural stone pendant necklace is available in white crystal or smoky crystal, Amethyst, Citrine or Pink Quartz, as desired. The stones are enclosed in a knotted macramé type support reminiscent of the vintage spirit which suits it perfectly. It is finished with a sliding knot to allow you to adjust the length you want and even to vary this length according to the neckline of the moment and specific to each of your outfits.

The natural stones are selected for their high quality, but kept in their natural state without being cut or polished in order to leave them their original appearance, because they are truly superb and in this way they coordinate perfectly with the woven cord which encloses them.

Around your neck, this superb irregular natural stone pendant necklace will not fail to perfect your style by associating nicely with all your daily clothes, but also to make people envious around you. At the shortest, the necklace is approximately 45 cm and the stones are 29 x 25 x 22 mm on average.

Indulge yourself by adopting this irregular natural stone pendant necklace, which can also be suitable for the youngest girls who love beauty accessories, by clicking on "Add to basket" now.

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