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Necklace with natural green Fluorite (or Fluorine) pendant

Necklace with natural green Fluorite (or Fluorine) pendant

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This necklace with pendant in natural green Fluorite (or Fluorine) will charm you above all with the luminous sparkles and the color tones of the stone.

Green Fluorite, which also bears the name of Fluorite, has been known since antiquity, the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians already granted it important virtues. It has the ability to promote concentration, increase intuition, increase inspiration helping in certain areas such as science or logic. It is effective in improving self-confidence, neutralizes negative energies, brings stability to the emotions and helps to dissipate stress, making it possible to fight against nervousness with a calming effect. It allows the body to free itself from excessive physical energies.

In any case, Fluorite is always good for mental concentration, because it will give you the intellectual agility necessary to understand and react to all the situations you will be confronted with. It will balance your emotional as well as mental or physical aspect.

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