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"Spirituality" Turquoise bead necklace on waxed leather cord

"Spirituality" Turquoise bead necklace on waxed leather cord

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On this superb "Spirituality" Turquoise bead on waxed leather cord necklace, the central semi-precious natural Turquoise bead is held in place by a knot on the cord on each side so that it stays in place, which gives the together a very stylish effect.

This entirely artisanal production is made by hand and ends with a beautifully worked lobster clasp in zinc alloy with a bronze effect that blends perfectly with the color of both the cord and the stone.

Turquoise will offer you the benefits of its virtues every day, because it is a beneficial stone. It is the stone of lovers, it promotes romanticism in the couple. It also acts by countering the electromagnetic energies polluting our environment and those emanating from the devices that surround us. It promotes personal development and creative expression, positively improves the vision that one has of oneself and fights against negative disorders.

This magnificent "Spirituality" Turquoise pearl necklace on waxed leather cord is waiting for you to enhance your daily clothes and your neckline while allowing you to enjoy its virtues. Click without delay on "Add to cart" to acquire your Turquoise pearl necklace on waxed leather cord.

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