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Necklace and pendant in synthetic Turquoise

Necklace and pendant in synthetic Turquoise

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Couleur de la chaine
Like all jewels wearing Turquoise, this very beautiful Synthetic Turquoise Necklace and Pendant is no exception to the rule! It was entirely handmade and the pendant is positioned on a gold or silver chain of approximately 48 cm.

It is no longer a secret that Turquoise is the protective stone of lovers, because it encourages romanticism and tenderness in the couple. It promotes the development of personal fulfillment to improve the vision that one has of oneself in order to regain better self-esteem in all objectivity and significantly increases creative expression. At the same time, it chases away negative disturbances and fights, like a real shield, electromagnetic energies and other environmental pollutants. Be careful, the synthetic version does not have the same powers.

If you are in a relationship, this magnificent necklace and pendant in synthetic Turquoise will be ideal to preserve your union with the loved one while giving you the benefit of these undeniable virtues. If you are single, these many virtues will benefit you and you will already have this superb stone in your possession to protect your future love. Do not hesitate to acquire it by clicking on "Add to cart" now.

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