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Round pendant necklace with natural Amethysts

Round pendant necklace with natural Amethysts

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This very pretty round pendant necklace with natural Amethysts is a marvel of elegance, very chic and glamorous in gold plated. It will adorn your neckline with all its brilliance with great finesse and class. Amethyst stones are left in their raw appearance without being polished, because that is how they look their best. Then, they were crimped on the circle which is itself hung on a chain of about 50 cm, completed with an additional extension of 5 cm, so that you can adjust the desired length.

Amethyst is a concentrate of powerful virtues and protective properties that act to help you regain or maintain your well-being. It promotes concentration to make it more effective, it encourages creativity by stimulating it. This stone enlightens the mind in an effort to achieve more enlightened and insightful thoughts.

This stone is particularly recommended for artists whose creative potential is essential to carry out their creative activities. This applies to writers, painters, musicians and any artist whose works are born from their minds and their imaginations.

However, the properties of Amethyst do not stop there insofar as it is also effective in relieving in periods of hypersensitivity and taming disturbances. It soothes different forms of afflictions. It alleviates sadness and reassures in case of anxiety. It helps to control anger while calming nervous tension and reducing stress. And when Amethyst is associated with other stones, it increases both their energies and their properties to increase their efficient potential.

To provide you with high quality jewellery, this round pendant necklace with natural Amethysts has been made entirely by hand with great meticulousness by professional craftsmen experienced in the jewelery trade. Because it is very beautiful, this necklace will find its place and will always be very elegant, whatever outfit you associate with it.

Give grace to your outfits by embellishing your neckline with this magnificent round pendant necklace with natural Amethysts or offer it, it will make a very nice gift for a party, a birthday or a special reason. It's a nice little touch of beauty for big effects that you will receive or pass on by clicking "Add to Cart" now. Do not miss the opportunity to give your natural beauty an extra note that is as chic as it is charming.

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