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Necklaces and bracelets for babies in natural Amber stones

Necklaces and bracelets for babies in natural Amber stones

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Amber is a semi-precious stone that comes in various colors ranging from dark orange to light orange.

For millennia, Amber has been used to soothe pain both physically and mentally. It helps in strengthening the immune system by fortifying it, fights depression, stress, fatigue by promoting calm. The chakra that corresponds to it is the sacral chakra present just below the navel. When Amber is in contact with the skin, it acts on the circulation of energies to regulate them, which makes it possible to relieve joint, muscular, rheumatic or osteoarthritic pain.

The therapeutic virtues of Amber are also widely recognized as being effective in combating the pain caused by teething babies. It will soothe his pain while promoting calm for better sleep.

These Jewels in natural Amber stones are offered to you to satisfy the needs of your child in bracelet or necklace, and in 16 variants of colors. They are all accompanied by their Certificate of Authenticity and delivered in their small jute bag. Make your choice and click on "Add to cart" to receive the one or ones you prefer.

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