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Orgonite, Ajna chakra pyramid and Tree of life

Orgonite, Ajna chakra pyramid and Tree of life

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This Orgonite, Ajna chakra pyramid and Tree of life will act on all the chakras, but particularly on the one called Ajna which happens to be the sixth chakra starting from the bottom of the spine.

The pyramidal resin container is lined with semi-precious stone chips of Amethyst, Amazonite and completed with silver leaf between the two main stones and copper at the base. A golden Tree of Life adorns one side of the pyramid. Aesthetically, the visual is absolutely delightful.

This Orgonite, Ajna Chakra Pyramid and Tree of Life is associated with Archangel Jeremiah. This archangel helps to develop spiritual vision to acquire better clairvoyance. It also helps to refocus by promoting introspection.

Moreover, like any Orgonite, it is good for your environment, because it repels electromagnetic waves and converts negative energies into positive energies to bring a harmonious balance in your living space. It also allows you to find your good mood, stabilizes sleep if it is in your room, fights against your stress and positively promotes everything around it such as the growth of plants, fruits and vegetables.

Bring your own Orgonite, Ajna chakra pyramid and Tree of life to preserve and protect your well-being as well as the balance within your home and wherever you go by clicking on “Add to basket”.

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