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Guided Meditation

Pyramid Orgonite Amethyst and Blue Quartz

Pyramid Orgonite Amethyst and Blue Quartz

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This Amethyst and Blue Quartz Orgonite Pyramid will be your perfect support for daily meditation in addition to being an extraordinary decorative object. Beautiful and surprising, it attracts the eye with its natural stone content, but it is also particularly protective.

Blue Quartz is a support stone for the immune system which it strengthens. It protects against negative energies and strengthens certain organs such as the lungs and the heart.

Amethyst is soothing in case of anger or stress, tranquilizing in the face of anxieties, worries, nervous tensions and hypersensitivity. It stimulates the mind by clarifying it, thus helping to improve concentration and creativity.

The virtues specific to these stones contained in the high quality resin support will be the ideal protection to preserve your living spaces, whether it is your home, your office or all the spaces in which you are when you are on the move.

The size of this very beautiful handmade Amethyst and Blue Quartz Orgonite Pyramid will allow you to take it everywhere with you so as not to let any negative energy invade your environment. To receive it without further delay, click on “Add to basket”.

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