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Orgonite, healing pyramid

Orgonite, healing pyramid

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This very beautiful Orgonite, pyramid of healing is composed of shards of natural Crystal, shards of copper and shards of natural minerals such as Amethyst and natural Pomegranate, all enclosed in a highly resistant resin container .

Orgonite is spreading more and more in interiors and workplaces, because it purifies everything around it, so its powers are very beneficial, but also essential on everything that exists in your environment. It restores positive energies by transforming negative energies in order to restore a stable balance both within your living spaces and on yourself. Its action also works to fight and ward off the electromagnetic waves produced by the devices present all around you. It will be effective in countering your emotional stress, and will protect your sleep when placed in your bedroom.

Your Orgonite, pyramid of healing can be taken everywhere to purify all the places where you have to go, whether it's your work, your various trips, on vacation... it will always be effective in preserving your well-being. -be.

Treat yourself to this superb Orgonite, healing pyramid or offer it to a loved one by clicking on "Add to cart". Charmed by its beauty and powerful purification effects upon receipt, you will not regret your choice!

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