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Guided Meditation

Orgonite, mood and wisdom pyramid

Orgonite, mood and wisdom pyramid

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This Orgonite, mood and wisdom pyramid is made up of shards of Amethyst for the essential stone, then white Crystal, copper and gold leaf contained in a resin container, all in an absolutely magnificent rendering. On one of its faces, this pyramid bears a very pretty medallion representing the Star of David.

In general, Orgonite has the ability to transform negative energies and all waves of the same kind into harmonious and positive energies. Just as it removes the electromagnetic waves produced by the devices present in our daily environment and which are not always very good for us. It promotes the growth of plants; flowers, plants, and even fruits and vegetables.

But, it also concentrates its powers to best promote your personal well-being and balance in your home or your living space by acting on different points. It reduces your emotional stress, soothes your sleep if placed in your bedroom. It restores your good mood and stabilizes it whenever necessary.

This Orgonite, humor and wisdom pyramid is associated with the archangel Jérémiel. This Archangel promotes spiritual vision to develop clairvoyance by improving introspection and the ability to refocus.

This Orgonite, mood and wisdom pyramid will only have powerful positive benefits to offer you while being a real decorative element that you can take everywhere. Make it your ally by clicking "Add to Cart" now.

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